I would like to help others developed their web pages, interactive media programs and games. I have a lot of experience in C# and C++. As a web developer, I have experience in ASP.NET MVC and as a game developer, I've worked in Direct X 9 and 11 as well as Open GL. I feel that programmers should be able to learn new systems, API's and SDK's so I'm willing to continue to grow and learn more. I have already created a 3D engine and I can license it to you for your programs. I want to use my experience to help you finish your project.

I will work on a contract basis. Feel free to contact me if there's anything that you'd like to discuss. I work on PC projects, but I'm currently working on Android projects as well. Look around my blog and take a look at my YouTube channel and you'll see some of the projects that I've been working on.

You can contact me at:


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